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So how did I become an artist? Life has this incredible way of giving us the choice of change, doesn't it? I started booking print gigs because of my fresh and athletic physique. But then I wanted more - more money - so I went to commercials. Well, my first audition was for a Subway spot and I failed miserably. I was so embarrassed that I told my agent I needed to take acting classes. She recommended me to my first teacher ever, Matilda Coral, who introduced me to this art form in a profound way that I then had no choice but to dedicate my life to it. Money or no money. Don't get me wrong, money is great, but that wasn't the driving force anymore. Since that day I've acted in more than 15 commercials, more than 20 short-films, 6 plays, 3 Telemundo soaps, 2 Nickelodeon Spanish series, 1 Brazilian feature film and 1 episode of A&E series The Glades. 

Gui Agustini

A few more things you wouldn't know about me: I lived in Venezuela for 2 years (by choice); lived in France for 3 months, I love coconut milk ice cream.. and I mean, loooooove it! I surf, I love medieval everything, I used to build 1,000 piece puzzles, I skydived 2 times (and that's it), I'm a fan of Green Day, I love to travel, I love to eat - a lot, AND I'm currently working on my first feature film based on the fascinating life story of Wendy J. White called 'Roses Are Blind'. If you want to invest millions of dollars, PLEASE hit me up. Click the button below to see the trailer of the short film version I directed, acted in and produced:

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Welcome Home

I've been called the young Richard Gere in 'American Gigolo', but the Latin version; the next Antonio Banderas though we do not look alike and Banderas is from Spain; and I'm best known for my overly flamboyant role as Agador from the movie 'The Birdcage' in Gloria Estefan's music video, 'Hotel Nacional' - except nobody knows it. No complaints. I'll take them all. 

Welcome, I'm Gui Agustini! 

I was born in Brazil, Dad's Peruvian, Mom's Argentinian and I'm married to an American. What? Yes. Go figure. 

In my family, growing up, there were basically 3 things: Languages - which three I speak fluently; Music Instruments - which three I play; AND Tennis, of course - which, there's no "three", I just played professionally, but now I teach it.