These last couple of months have been intense but still exciting. Especially as we get closer to my favorite time of the year! 

June 5th, 2018

Then one day after my return from a week in Brazil celebrating my rents bday, I had my 1st Summer BOOKING: a SAG Voice Over for Gardasil which has the potential to run internationally. Got to play someone not happy or upbeat. FUN! 

Mina Nercessian: my co-star & lead actress

The New Year started with the creation of the dramady short film 'Dolls & Cigarettes' written and directed by my wifey Christina Jolie Breza. I got to play the super fun part of Woody Johnson, a porn director. 

August  20th, 2016

June started with an exciting time at Belmont Stakes where we spent time with jockey Katie Davis as research for my passion feature film project 'Barbara Jo Rubin'.   

Lastly.. HOORAY! I shot my firstmajor print gig for a confidential whiskey brand via my amazing agency, CESD

May 1st, 2016

March was the month of intense editing of Dolls & Cigarettes which I did it entirely on my own for the 1st time. We screened it at the AMAW Annual Film Festival to win Best Comedy + Audience Choice Award - HOORAY! 

April was highlighted by 6 days on set of a confidential project.

And intense editing of 'Roses Are Blind'

May? Well, nothing less than my debut at the Cannes Festival with the acceptance of 'Coming to Terms' to their Film Corner. Check out the trailer below. Incredible experience. Meeting several talented upcoming filmmakers. Connecting with a producer who is helping turning Roses Are Blind into a feature. Watching tons of films - the most real, crazy and wild films I've ever seen. PLUS, a conversation with John Travolta and Gary Oldman

April 27th, 2016

 July 25th, 2017

February 22nd, 2018

"Nice Pak"

Then, I got to act as 'Separated Dave' in my friend Polina Gorman's short film "Next Is The One"​. Followed by playing the lead 'Victor' in Johnny Cortez's short film "Escape". Then I shot another print gig for NicePak and finished the year creating my upcoming YouTube series Power Poetry which I will be launching before Christmas! 

Cinematographer, Rodolfo Sanchez & Director, Caco Souza

Then, the second weekend of filming 'Roses Are Blind' happened. The hardest and most challenging shoot I've ever done. Producing and directing this monster scene with an extremely talented cast that included Kathleen McNenny and Boyd Gaines was phenomenal! 

 May 29th, 2017

 August 22nd, 2017

Gui Agustini


I'm going to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to shoot my first Brazilian feature film during the month of March.

The film "Solteira Quase Surtando" (Single Almost Freaking Out) is a comedy written by Mina Olivera, directed by Caco Souza and produced by Meire Fernandes. The cast includes well-known talented Brazilian actors. I'm so stoked for the opportunity. It's a dream come true. 

I will be playing a Spanish man from Barcelona named Miguel for whom the protagonist, Bia, falls in love with. I am not really what she expects though so things get crazy. The drama, frustration and anger generated in their relationship creates the perfect opportunity for more humor as expected in a comedy. 

It is beautifully written and extremely funny. 

It is time to rock! And to have 'the time of my life'. 

 February 11th, 2017

October 30th, 2017

 December 16th, 2016

First, I found my face on the internet from the print gig I did for P&G earlier this year. 

"Power Poetry"

Principal photography started for the upcoming film "Coming to Terms" which I'm starring, producing + co-directing. It's such a personal and moving story written by Joseph Menzel.

I'm playing Tim, who's been diagnosed with Glioblastoma and has been told he only has a few months to live. His final journey becomes about making sure his best friend stops avoiding the fact and can move forward in a healthy way. 

 September 30th, 2016

Then, ​my National spot for Dish with Noorman Reedus aired. Check it out!

What's new? I'll be in the editing studio of Editology this following weekend with our editor Matt Dobbins and Co-creator/Co-director Joseph Menzel to put together our latest short-film 'Coming to Terms'. 

Then, the 2nd cover song by 4A1D Productions was released. I get to sing with my beautiful wife Christina Breza. 

 March 19th, 2017

Check out some cool pics from my feature film shoot of "Solteira Quase Surtando", shot this past March in Rio. I had a blast!

This month I also got to perform a scene from 'Sight Unseen' by Donald Margulies with my wifey at The Cell Theatre for Artists Without Walls. What a bliss. And such a blast. Big thanks and shout out to Charles R. Hales.

Summertime is ON too so let's keep rocking and striving to be the best we can be. 

Then the editing of 'Coming to Terms' really took off. We brought in a new editor: Minu Park


I signed legit with UGA TALENT. Couldn't be more excited to be working with U-Shin Kim and his team. Love everything about this agency. It was never simpler to follow my instincts. Excited + ready to book. 

As Johnny in '502 Taber Rd'


In action

Yeeey! Fall is here an I'm hoping everyone is stepping into it with both feet - even if you are sad like me to see the summer go. 

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December 2nd, 2017

"Next Is The One"

I  am super happy and excited to share a couple of things for this month. First, the company 4A1D Productions, that I co-founded with my wife Christina Breza and friends Paulina Cossio and Vince Benvenuto, launched its YouTube Channel with the cover song 'More Than Words' by Extreme. Check out the video.

We will be uploading songs, scenes, monologues and short-films moving forward. 

Also, we finished shooting our first short-film, a horror flick called 502 Taber Rd​. Check out our Official FB page for all details: 

November started with the first commercial shoot of 4A1D Prod for Panty Fresh which I got to direct and edit! Then I went to Canada to act in a horror spec project with my dear pal Vincenzo Benvenuto. Below is a still from it. 

After an awesome journey traveling cross country to Burning Man ​and celebrating my birthday, the production of 'Roses Are Blind' started. A film based on the true life story of Wendy White. I've been blessed to direct and produce this fascinating short. And we were all grateful + stoked to work with the fabulous and wickedly talented Daniel Davis. Here are some pics from set and from the first draft.

AND THEN, as a super exciting gift, the universe presented me with my 1st SAG Voice Over for KPMG. Thanks to my CESD team! I recorded it at the phenomenal studio Pomann Sound

 November 30th, 2016

Mid summer started extremely excited and funny with the filming of the upcoming webseries pilot 'Checking Out', which I had the pleasure to act in and co-produce. Created by friend David Tomassi and written by the extremely talented artists Patrick Hamilton, Karin Crighton and David himself. It's hilarious! 



I shot my 1st National Commercial which will start airing next month. Can't wait to share more about my experience on set and to tell you the famous actor I got to work with. 

Followed by the completion of principal photography of my directing the short film 'Roses Are Blind' where this time I actually got to also act in the role of Dr. Mayer. Now, time for post-production. YAY! 

Coming to Terms

Whohoo! I shot my first 2 print gigs in NYC this month via my rocking agency, CESD. First for Jack Daniel's then for Simplicity Creative.

July 5th, 2016

February 28th, 2016

Yes yes yes! After 4 months of having the idea to choosing material, memorizing, filming it, editing it + putting it all together, my new creative adventure Power Poetry is finally up and running. A poem video series where I interpret well-known + original pieces in an inspiring way. Poetry has been always a passion of mine so I'm stoked to be creating + sharing them for fun!

Last but not least, I rocked the stage of the iconic Bitter End with my wife & friends at her show 'The B Word Cabaret'. We packed the house, got invited to come back and now will be performing a new cabaret on July 24th. 

"Single Almost Freaking Out"

September couldn't start any better. Began with my birthday celebration at 3 of my fav spots: Liberty Statue, Medieval Times (NJ) & US Open. 

As "Miguel"

Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! Enjoy the so deserved break and I'll see you in 2017.