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So.. I was born in Brazil, Dad was Peruvian, Mom's Argentinian, I lived in Venezuela and I’ve been in the US since 2009. Which are the reasons why I’m blessed to be fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English, and also have some French under my tongue. Extremely grateful. 

I grew up playing tennis and aimed to be a pro, but you can guess how that turned out. It was through tennis though that I developed much of my character and drive like the art of commitment, of practice and of play - which I believe are my strongest traits as an artist. It was also because of tennis that I was blessed to travel to so many countries where I experienced and learned about different cultures and humanity which served me tremendously now. And it was through tennis that I landed in Venezuela, got a college scholarship in the South Carolina, started studying acting, and fell in love with the craft. It changed my life. Grateful again. 


Now, a few fun facts: I’m a Virgo, I love surfing, I play guitar and I’m a huge Green Day fan. I’m also currently working on my first feature film based on the fascinating life story of Wendy J. White called 'Roses Are Blind'. If you want to invest millions of dollars—or maybe a little less—hit me up. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer of the short film version I directed, acted in and produced:


If you wanna know more, you can follow me on social media @guiagustini1. If not, no sweat. You might’ve had enough. I truly thank you for making the time to read this. Once again, grateful. 

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